My first impressions on Imprint and what you should expect from it

A short history about my first impressions on the platform that could replace medium


July 6, 2020

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Let me tell you first that I'm not a blogger tough i would like to be one. Ok, this story begins when i was on Product Hunt (hunting for a new amazing app or something like that), but i couldn't find anything really amazing that could touche me so deeply until i decided to take ย a look at the Friday products (today its Sunday, the day wrote this).ย 

What you should expect from Imprint

That's quite interesting. As a developer the first time i opened i looked at the source code to get to know what's behind it. So i'll tell you: Node.js, Express, Next, React, Draft.js, MongoDB, and for the designers who are wondering about the UI, i think its a hand made CSS, without any framework (but it still is pretty beautiful).ย 

When i had open the editor i was expecting Markdown support, but we don't have it yet, however the editor e pretty amazing and i like it. Whether you are looking for a good Medium replacement with a nice editor, i personally would recommend Imprint

Final thoughts

As i had said in the beginning i'm just writing this post to test Imprint. So here go my final thoughts about Imprint:

  1. Imprint has a interesting proposite for bloggers and people who like to find good content to read
  2. I suppose that the application itself still is under development since i saw some things that could be improved as the editor
  3. While i was publishing the Set Topic option is boring and i'll tell you why: Sometimes you may write a post about Technology and Art, and what you would like to do? ย Yes, set both topic options. But you can't, so i think this could be improved
  4. Would i recommend Imprint? Of course, why not? Imprint has the promise to be a strong Medium competitor, and for while it's free, so you have no reasons to do not try it.



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